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Mesa Arizona’s Premier One-Stop Vape Shop

Oracle Vapory LLC is located on 2702 E University Drive #103 in  Mesa, AZ. Oracle Vapory first opened its doors in February of 2016 by Sonia and Anthony Perkins. A little story to why we started this business is this.

Anthony’s lame testimony: I use to smoke about a pack a day. My son has/had Asthma, and even though I never smoked in the house, my son often had asthma attacks and ended up in the hospital about once per year. He was tied to machines that helped him breath. It was a severe case. We ended up having to get a home breathing machine for that time of  year that he couldn’t breath right. It was always about Thanksgiving time that he ended up in the hospital so I assume it was mostly allergies. The doctors told me that a lot of the reason was because of the smoking. I didn’t believe the doctors because I never smoked inside the house or in the car with my son. I decided to quit smoking anyway because I  felt terrible. I tried and tried but couldn’t quit with patches, pills or cold turkey. A friend of mine  from work let me  hit his vape pen. I loved it and knew this was it. I can quit with this little device with ease. I think he lent me one of his while  I ordered my own from China and 4 weeks later (lol) it arrived. This was back when all there was were Ego Pens with CE4 tanks. They were terrible compared to the awesomeness we se now but it still satisfied everything I needed.  I started vaping and never looked back. The last thing I tried to quit with was chew and that can sat in my office cubicle for 8 months until finally I threw it away. My son never went back to the hospital and he doesn’t even have to use his inhalers anymore. Maybe he just grew out of it all the sudden, or maybe the smoke was slowly killing his ass like it does to so many others. Yeah, I’m a POS for slowly hurting my son but hey at least I changed it up by trying something new. I am so glad that  I  found something that got me away from cigarettes and it sure seems like it miraculously saved my son switching over like that. It gave me a huge respect for vaping and something I want to stand behind. Honestly, I believe vaping is so so much better for you than smoking. It isn’t as good as if you quit cold turkey but who can do that. I also believe that if you tried vaping and it didn’t work, It is because you didn’t want it to. How can something that gives  you the same amount of the thing you are addicted to not work. After that is is all a matter of mind. Vaping is better no matter what all the B.S. propaganda told you. There is no smoke involved people. How could it possibly be worst or even as bad as smoking?  Enough of my blah…..here is the actual stuff you care about

We are open 7 days a week from 11am to 9pm

We are always open between 11 and 9 besides the following Holiday

July 4th we close at 6 PM

Thanksgiving we are Closed

Christmas Eve we close at 6 PM

Christmas Day we are Closed

New Years Day we are Closed

E-Juice & E-Liquids

When it comes to our company, our customers can expect only the best customer service along with the hottest E-juice on the market. We offer the most popular juices and the classic favorites you love so much. We have the experience and ability to manage all of your desires in the E-juice market. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and aim to provide the best services possible every time. The E-juice brands we recommend are the ones that we have personally reviewed and tested. We will not recommend any E-juice’s that we haven’t personally tried and have very high customer satisfaction. They are all very high quality e-juices made in clean room facilities. We think it is crucial when vaping, that you find high quality e-juices that can be trusted and enjoyed.

Every juice we sell is made right here in the USA, and only from the very best ingredients in the world. We know you want the hottest E-juice possible and our goal is to provide what you want and need.  We know you want the hottest juice possible and our goal is to provide what you want and need. Our focus is on delivering the cleanest, safest, most reliable and A.E.M.S.A. certified liquids made here in the USA. We stay consistently stocked on all the hottest brands such as Naked 100, Pachamama, Candy King, Daze, Air Factory and many more.

You can be assured our staff are in the most popular vape groups online and are staying ahead of the curve to provide you the best e-juice’s around on. For our enthusiasts, taste is a very important factor and Oracle Vapory stocks nothing but the best juices that deliver the widest array of tastes and sensations.


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